Most suitable underwear for sports

When training, it is important to take into account many factors: the type of exercise that will be done, the type of fabric in which the underwear is made, etc. Underwear made of cotton is durable and comfortable, but not the most suitable for working out because this material absorbs sweat and does not dry quickly. So even though cotton briefs and boxers are perfect for day to day, they are not the most recommended for exercising.

The best workout clothes are usually made of polyester , spandex, or a combination of both. Here is a list of the most used features:

Polyester : It is light, durable and characterized by its ability to breathe. As a disadvantage it can be mentioned that it does not have the antibacterial capacities of natural fibers.

Nylon: It is the type of fabric most used for jogging, but it is made of a mixture of petroleum derivatives, currently it has other more ecological fabrics that have competed with it.

Spandex: As an advantage, this fabric can stretch more than other fibers, retaining its shape despite prolonged use.

Bamboo: It is soft and more eco-friendly than synthetic fibers, additionally it has anti-bacterial capabilities.

Wool: It is perfect for hot or cold climates due to its ability to regulate temperature, it has the ability to breathe and it is anti-bacterial.

Long Boxers

These briefs are perfect for outdoor sports: jogging, running, crossfit. Made of polyester or spandex.

Sports Slips or Short Boxers

white slip

Both briefs and short boxers are very comfortable if we are not going to train the leg area: For example, to train the upper body in the gym. Made of polyester, spandex, wool.


black jockstrap

Suspenders, jockstraps or jockstraps are ideal if a lot of freedom of movement is required: they have been used in many sports such as baseball and American football. If they are made of polyester or perforated microfiber, they perform better.

As we have seen, there are multiple solutions according to the activity to be carried out. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and at ease with yourself. And that happens, when you forget to be wearing underwear while you exercise.

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