Tips to take care of our underwear

At cciaco we guarantee the best quality in all our garments, from our briefs and boxers to our jockstraps , but if you want your garments to last much longer, we give you some useful advice to extend the life of your underwear (applies to any daily garment ). The correct washing method will increase the useful life of your underwear and so you can enjoy them for much longer.

Hand wash is recommended

The ideal would be to wash all our clothes manually, and not by machine, since in the long run the materials deteriorate and affect the way in which each garment fits our body. Manually washing garments can considerably extend their useful life, additionally avoid using very strong detergents, or substances such as chlorine. Colored underwear should be washed using detergent for colored clothes; and white clothes should be washed separately using a white laundry detergent, since the latter have aggregates that help maintain the shine of white garments.

Do not mix clothes

As we previously mentioned, colored underwear should never be mixed with white garments. Additionally, it is not important to take into account their composition, that is, in some cases it is not advisable to wash cotton garments with garments made of microfiber, since by not having the same composition, one can absorb some dye.

If you use a dryer, place it on low heat

The best thing would be to hang all our underwear to dry, but due to time constraints it is not always possible. In these cases, if we use a drying machine we must guarantee that the temperature is not too high, the heat can affect the elastic properties of the fabric and the elastics. It is always advisable to review the washing instructions of the garments we buy.

Garment washing symbols

Washing symbols and washing instructions can sometimes be hard to understand and the wrong washing method may end in an undesirable result.

This simple guide to washing instructions and symbols includes most of what you need to know about the most common washing symbols and what they mean. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call our customer support.

The symbols that appear on our clothes can sometimes confuse us, so we leave a quick guide to their meaning.

Hand wash

If your garment has this symbol, you can only wash it manually, otherwise you could damage it.


machine wash


This symbol denotes that your garment can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 40°C.

eg blekmedel

do not use chlorine

Items with this symbol must not be washed with chlorine or any detergent containing chlorine, bleach or similar substances.

eg torktumling

Do not use a drying machine

Do not use a drying machine if your garment has this symbol on its label.


Do not iron

Underwear that has this symbol on its label should not be ironed, as it has details or a composition that would not resist the high temperature of an iron.

ej kemtvätt

Do not dry clean

Underwear with this symbol cannot be dry cleaned, nor can stain removers be used.

I hope this article has helped you somewhat.

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